Designing Weavers: Peggy Siders

Rug and photo by Peggy Siders. Rug made using and spun karakul wool from her own sheep. Ten shaft rep weave inspired by antique twenty shaft double weave coverlet. SN: I met Peggy at my current weaver’s guild in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She is an amazing weaver but is so calm and matter of fact when she presents her work that, unless you are aware, the awesomeness of what she has made may slip right by you. For example, she may come in with a gorgeous, full-length woven cape with a hood and, oh, by the way, she spun all the yarn as well from her own sheep! But she isn’t bragging about that, it just “is.” So, I thought you all might want to know more about this fellow weaver. PS: I am Peggy

Designing Weaver: Susie Taylor

Weaving and photo courtesy of Susie Taylor I first encountered Susie through her work. She was working on pleated elements on the surface of a weaving like I was. Her approach to making them is very different from my own. Weaving is great that way! We got to meet in person at a Complex Weaver’s Seminar. I admire her work and am inspired by her weavings. SN: How did you get started weaving? What drew you to it? ST: I grew up in a family of builders, repairers and problem solvers. My father and brothers built things from wood and my mother’s sewing skills were very strong. I went to the fabric store with my mother many times and admired all of the different variations. In school I was

Designing Weavers: Teena Tuenge

Towels woven by Teena Tuenge, photo courtesy of Teena. I first met Teena when I was a new weaver and joined my first guild. At show and tell she would bring these amazing woven items. She showed me what weaving could be and inspired me to grow as a weaver. Teena was one of my first “rabbits to chase.” That is, someone you want to emulate because they are at where you want to be. We all need those in life and Teena was one of the first weaving ones for me. SN: So, Teena, tell us a little about yourself… TT: I am one of many people who had an interest in sewing and knitting from a young age. That story is not very unique. I was going to be an English teacher but got married and had k

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