The last in a series of double weave pick-up images, in progress. I remember as a child, summer lasted forever, or at least it seemed to. I also remember being bored. I think, wistfully of those days now as I don’t remember the last time I was bored. My time now is more than filled up. My “to do” and “want to do” lists are long. Days fly by. The clock keeps ticking. Most of the time I am glad my days are full. Most of the time I enjoy what it is I’m doing. Most of the time I can live in the moment and do the task at hand without hearing the clamor of all the other things in my life, of my lists, demanding attention. Preparing for a guild talk/workshop in June. While making and being pr

Designing Weavers: Tien Chiu

Tien Chiu's Autumn Splendor Coat. Photo courtesy of the artist. Sara Nordling (SN): Who are you? Tien Chiu (TC): I’m a textile artist, a writer, and a recanted mathematician. Well, actually, I didn’t quite recant. The last few years I’ve been focusing on art - weaving/dyeing/sewing/writing, and have had a good bit of success. My hand woven wedding dress is in a museum collection, my Kodachrome jacket was featured on the cover of Handwoven, and I’ve won various other awards at shows. I’m also the author of Master Your Craft: Strategies for Designing, Making, and Selling Artisan Work, released by Schiffer Publishing in 2016. I sat on the Editorial Advisory Board for Handwoven for several yea

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