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Summary of the Elements and Principles

Detail of multi-color, patchwork garment

We have reached the end. We have reached the beginning.

I have written on all the elements and principles of design, the end of the list has been reached. I hope you have enjoyed this brief summary of these important design tools.

Now that you know about the elements and principles and have them all in your design arsenal, your designing can begin in earnest. These posts will remain active on my blog for a while before being moved to the archives, so feel free to revisit them. I have heard from several people, both new and old weavers, that these posts have given them ideas, sparked their creativity and been informative. All that’s left now is to use these tools to design. Let the designing begin!

Detail of woven pleats, white pleats on gray and dark gray background.

I have learned some things from writing these posts. One is that it takes discipline to be regular in my writing. Some weeks were very busy and it wasn’t easy to stick to my goals of writing one a week. Another is that I over estimated audience feedback. This is not a criticism for anyone. I had hoped, and had been looking forward to seeing, some of the designs (even in sketch form) that you might have done from the week’s challenges. I guess you are as busy as I am, either that or no one wanted to be the first one to post one. Lastly, I learned I largely have to imagine my audience, picture you and then write to you like I am talking to you. Sometimes that was easier than others. It helped me to write the posts if I had an imaginary group of weavers, sitting in front of me, that I was addressing.

Those of you who have stuck with me through all these weeks I hope you take some things away with you. I hope I have enlarged your understanding of design. I also hope you have gained in confidence as you move ahead in creating your own designs. Lastly, I hope that you can rely less on recipes for weaving and more on making your own unique projects.

Detail of scarf, 4 color network double weave

Just because it’s over, doesn’t mean it’s over. Feel free to post an image of a sketch or actual weaving design you have made. It can be on a rigid heddle loom or anything up to, and including, jacquard weaving! I would love to see what inspires you and what you have learned!

I will be taking a break now for a few weeks now in writing my blog posts. I won’t be idle during that time. I plan to be making lists of more blog ideas, weaving, and preparing for the new year. If you have a topic you would like covered, drop me a line and I will see what I can do. Be back soon!

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