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Red Festival

Are you looking for a special stole for an ordination or installation?  Are you looking to celebrate a special pastor in your life?  If so, you may be interested in this offer.

Sara Nordling has designed a limited run, custom designed stole that gives a nod to the bricks in Kramer Chapel in such a way that they enhance the flame-like movement of the hand dyed threads.

Pre-orders submitted by March 1, 2024 will be at the introductory price of $575 each and will be produced by the end of May, 2024.

Each stole is hand-crafted from the dyeing of the threads, to the weaving, and final construction.  Face material is 100% cotton with a cotton or cotton/linen lining.

Size is 4.5 inches wide and 56 inches long.  Different lengths can be made, please specify when ordering.

For more information please complete the contact form on this website.

The stole is designed to reflect the unique Saarinen bricks found in the Kramer Chapel at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana.  It is dyed in such a way that no two stoles will be exact replicas, each is similar, but unique.

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