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Classes can be geared for a two-hour time frame, a weekend workshop or even longer if desired.  Most are designed for hands on activity; all can work as lectures as well.


  • Understanding Drafting—Covers the basics of creating a weaving draft from reading a draft, to designing from known elements, to experimentation.  All work can be done with pencil and paper although computer programs can make the process faster and easier.

  • Profile Drafts—Lace, satin, summer and winter, and double weave are all unit weaves that can be created with a profile draft.  Learn how to create these profiles to develop your own weave patterns and designs. (4 or more shafts)

  • Textures: Surface play—Round robin workshop exploring honeycomb, waffle, corduroy, eyelash, pocket weave, and more.  Get a chance to learn about and sample various weaves that play with the surface and create different textures and effects.

  • Design (Going beyond the Recipe)—Covers basic design principles and applies that to the weaving process so that you can create original works that are unique and well designed.  Even if what you make are dishtowels, this class will help you make yours truly stunning.  Depending on the length of the class, each student will leave with 1-2 designs for new projects.

  • Introduction to Double Weave—Understand the principles of weaving double weave be it double wide cloth, two layer cloth, a tube, integrated double cloth and pick up designs.  Woven on as few as 4 shafts this class, whether hands on or not, will open you to the possibilities double weave has to offer.

  • Double Weave Pleats—A form of double weave requiring 2 back beams.  It looks a lot more complicated than it really is but offers opportunities for surface textures and embellishment.  I have worked out an improvised second back beam for a table loom so that this technique can be offered as a hands on workshop as well as a lecture.

  • Introduction to Dyeing—The color of yarn you want just not available?  Learn some basic techniques for dyeing cotton yarns so that you can create the yarn of your dreams.

  • Re-Sparking Creativity--Techniques and tips to help you when you are in a creative slump. Ideas are drawn from my experiences and those of others, this interactive class will add the spark you need to get going again.

  • The Value of Value--Want to weave items that get noticed?  Understanding value, the relative lightness or darkness of a hue, can be the key you need to take make your weavings stand out.


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