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Creative, Creativity ideas...

deflected double weave with differential shrinkage, detail

I have been writing about design for quite some time now. Good design is still important. The elements and principles of design will help you in your weaving. However, every now and again, you may hit a creative slump. The elements and principles seem more like obstacles than aids. Nothing excites you, nothing is coming together, your work, and perhaps your life, feels like it needs a jump start?

What do you do? No, seriously, what do you do?

I know the things that will get me going again. Some of them are tips I have picked up from various books, teachers, and experiences along the way. I would love for you to share with me what works for you.

Why am I asking? I am preparing a workshop on this theme. I can readily talk for quite some time on the things I have found that help me. However, I want to expand those boundaries a bit. In order to do that, I am asking the readers of this blog, plus other people I know who are creative, what is it you have found that helps you the most.

I don’t care if the idea that helps you the most is one that is already on my list. (What list you say? The one I’m purposely not showing you, at least not yet.) I want to know what works for you. It can be a book, a quote, an experience, anything you find helpful. It can be a big thing (trip around the world type suggestion) or a very small one (a cup of tea). Regardless of what it is, if you have something that helps you re-start your creativity, please share what it is.

My website/blog has a comments section. Please add your idea there. You can also comment on Facebook, on my professional page, if you want to. I will give you credit for any ideas you add to my list, or if I quote you in some way in my workshop. (Or you can be anonymous if you choose.) So, please let me know. What gets your creativity going?

white weavings, spaced warps, looking through one to several others

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