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  • Sara Nordling

Let's Get Creative!

I will be teaching this summer at Complex Weaver's Seminars in Knoxville, Tennessee. One class I am leading is on re-sparking your creativity. I know this pandemic has been a time when many, otherwise very creative people, have gotten stuck creatively. What did you do to get un-stuck? What works for you when you are in a creative rut?

I already have a long list I am compiling of ideas for re-sparking creativity. I am not going to list them all here, not yet anyway. I don't want to give away my entire seminar talk before it happens. I plan though, in the next few posts, to explore some of the ideas that have helped me.

So, I am asking you, my readers, what do you do? The ideas don't have to be weaving related. They don't have to be art related. When you need to get re-motivated, unstuck, recharged, what works for you?

Send me your responses. I may add them to the talk. If I do I will give you full credit for your ideas.

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